Classic artistry, cutting edge manufacturing.

If you build it, they will come.

But, first you need to build it.


Good designs are built on concepts. The ideas we explore are based on needs, desires, or a combination of the two. They're the primary drivers behind the forms we sculpt. We think that crafting real things, however rough, makes for better quality deliverables in the digital, manufacturing world.


Any product, however solid, will continue to evolve. We work with hand-built models to establish the correct feel and function. Then, we work with our expert vendors to translate our artistic forms to manufacturing reality.


If our early design approach seems antiquated, let us take you to the moon. Our core business model is based on Direct Digital Manufacture (DDM). We work with adept, agile partners capable of delivering custom sized product on demand, printed from common materials like ABS plastic or as exotic as aerospace grade materials like Windform XT 2.0


Creativity is often synonymous with constant evolution, but we have a pause button to that process. At the end of the day Behr+Beck creates profit for ourselves and our investors. We take it to the max, pull back, get the cost-per-unit right and pull the trigger. Enjoy, because it will be even better next time around.

Behr+Beck products designed specifically for service animals and adventurous companions.

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